BioAxone is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that is transforming treatments for neurotrauma and neurovascular disorders. The company has developed innovative therapies based on a deep understanding of axon regeneration and neuronal signaling pathways.

  • BioAxone has an IND-ready ROCK-2 selective, oral kinase inhibitor, BA-1049, for treatment of neurovascular disorders. ROCK2 signaling is overactivated in endothelial cells in hereditary angioma, a disease where benign vascular malformations are “leaky” and can cause stroke. Similarly, in acute ischemic stroke, ROCK2 is hyperactivated in brain vascular endothelial cells causing risk of hemorrhage. BA-1049 repairs vascular permeability following stroke and reduces reperfusion injury.
  • A drug development program is focused on the intrinsic barriers to regeneration brought on by neuronal aging. BioAxone has developed a novel self-delivering RNA interference compound that reduces expression of PTEN, a protein that blocks axon regeneration in adult neurons.