About Us

BioAxone Biosciences, Inc. is a biotechnology company with a focus on regenerative medicine for unmet medical needs. The company is specialized in the development and commercialization of proprietary medicines targeting Rho signaling, a key target pathway for treating neurotrauma and neurological disease. BioAxone is pursuing an aggressive and focused strategy to treat spinal cord injury centered around the biologic therapeutic Cethrin™.

Cethrin™ (BA-210), BioAxone’s lead clinical stage compound, has excellent prospects for rapid FDA approval as a treatment for acute spinal cord injury. Cethrin is a biologic drug and therapeutic protein protected by an impressive estate of issued patents that also protect its derivatives. BioAxone also has strong preclinical data for the use of BA-210 in other unmet needs, including traumatic brain injury, traumatic optic neuropathy, and optic nerve ischemia.

BioAxone also has a strong preclinical pipeline that includes novel Rho kinase inhibitors, as well as a discovery program. The discovery program involves a collaboration with Advirna, an RNA company, to create novel RNAi drugs to treat neurological conditions.