BioAxone is a clinical-state biopharmaceutical company developing a pipeline of regenerative therapeutic drugs based on a deep understanding of axon regeneration and neuronal signaling pathways.

BioAxone research and clinical development work is focused in the following main areas:

  • Development program addressing the extrinsic barriers to axon regeneration
  • Preclinical program o develop therapies that that digest the glial scar that forms after neurotrauma. Some of this work is funded by NIH/SBIR grant funds.
  • Preclinical development of BA-1049 for treatment of cerebral cavernous malformations
  • NIH funded research supporting therapies to address the intrinsic barriers to regeneration brought on by neuronal aging
  • Combination therapies to address needs of chronic spinal cord injury

The company’s lead drug for spinal cord injuries, VX-210 (formerly Cethrin ™), has been licensed to Vertex Pharmaceuticals.